Print is Powerful



It’s easy to make the assumption that print advertising has suffered due to the rise of the digital era. However, plenty of studies indicate print is still alive and well.

Did you know that in Training & Conditioning*:

  • Each issue is read by an average of 2.5 people
  • Over 70% of the Training & Conditioning audience works with more than 100+ athletes on an annual basis
  • Over 80% of our audience is directly involved in purchasing decisions for one or more categories


Our exclusive “Power of Print” program is an exciting new way to generate leads from your print advertising investments. When each issue becomes available, a digital edition is sent via email and social media, providing you more exposure to your products.  On average, we deliver more than 580 leads per issue!

Capitalize on the leads from your ad in Training & Conditioning

Additional package options include:

  • Retargeting plans (to serve your ad to the list of leads on Facebook, Google, etc.)
  • Email marketing campaigns (sending emails directly to the list of leads).

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