Training & Conditioning is the only publication dedicated to bridging sports medicine professionals and strength and conditioning. Published to more than 49,500 print and digital readers, Training & Conditioning focuses on all aspects of the training and injury management relationship between professionals and athletes.


Our audience is made up of a mix of high school, collegiate and professional athletic trainers, strength and performance coaches, sports medicine professionals and more, including:

Athletic Trainers | Strength Coaches | Coaches | Physical Therapists | Rehab Clinic Owners | Fitness Professionals | Personal Trainers | Sports Nutritionists

Our Audience — By the Numbers

From Youth to Professionals

Training & Conditioning’s subscribers vary across levels of the industry — from junior high to 4-year colleges/universities and the professional level. A large segment of our audience also performs in other areas of the industry — including performance and fitness training centers, physical therapy clinics and more.


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