Annual Purchasing Guide
Space deadline: 3/11/2024 | Materials deadline: 3/18/2024
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April/May 2024

Annual Purchasing Guide

Content about your company equal to the size of your ad. Your company information is highlighted to stand out in the Product Directory and Supplier Directory sections.

Bonus Distribution

CSCCa Convention


  • Space Deadline: 3/11/2024
  • Materials Deadline: 3/18/2024

CSCCa National Conference Guide & Membership Directory

The CSCCa National Conference Guide & Membership Directory provides a great opportunity to put your company in front of collegiate strength and conditioning coaches from around the country as they navigate the conference — and throughout the year.


  • Space Deadline: 3/22/2024

June/July 2024

NATA & NSCA Convention Issue
PLUS: 2024 Tech Guide

  • Exhibitor snapshots — Preview of the AT Expo
  • Product focus — Heat stress prevention
  • Therapy topic — Proper breathing techniques
  • Work with adaptive/paralympic athletes
  • Annual Most Valuable Athletic Trainers of the Year
  • Annual athletic trainers survey
  • Nutrition topic from the CPSDS
  • Strength-focused topic from CSCCa

Bonus Distribution

NATA Convention


  • Space Deadline: 5/13/2024
  • Materials Deadline: 5/15/2024

CSCCa: Special Digital Edition Guide

This digital-only guide will focus on “Improving the Strength & Conditioning of Your Athletes” and will feature exclusive editorial and video content from CSCCa and its members. Guide will be emailed to 20,000, including CSCCa members, subscribers of Training & Conditioning and subscribers of Coach & Athletic Director.


  • Space Deadline: 5/29/2024
  • Materials Deadline: 6/5/2024

August/September 2024

Sports Medicine Issue

  • Product FocusHealth & safety devices
  • Therapy TopicBlood flow (braces, laser tech)
  • Post NATA RecapMust-see products from the show
  • Single-sport athletes and long-term development
  • Difference between active & passive recovery
  • Nutrition topic from CPSDA
  • Strength-focused topic from CSCCa


  • Space Deadline: 7/15/2024
  • Materials Deadline: 7/19/2024

October/November 2024

Strength & Conditioning Issue

  • Product Focus — New game-changing products in sports / 2024 year in review
  • Therapy Topic — Pain management
  • Strength training facilities of excellence
  • Sample programs from high schools & colleges
  • Understanding supplement labels
  • Strength coaches survey results
  • Nutrition topic from CPSDA
  • Strength-focused topic from CSCCa


  • Space Deadline: 9/16/2024
  • Materials Deadline: 9/20/2024